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About This Project

QA Donor Board

During the Carillion PLC major development and extension of Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth we worked with the interiors department of Building Design Partnership to develop furniture solutions for the Paediatric Ward.

Following on from this we were invited to produce an effective solution for the stunning 9000mm long Rocky Appeal Donor Board. The design was to reflect the character of Portsmouth in wave shapes produced from contrasting high quality veneers. Onto this impressive backdrop, it was proposed that three shapes of yacht sails in bronze, silver and gold engraving material to enable donations from patients, relatives and supporting organisations to be recorded. Donors’ details and messages were engraved on the appropriate sail and this adhered to the board.

Each panel needed to provide perfect match in production and fitting. The Rocky Appeal team were supplied with templates for positioning each Yacht Sail shape to ensure that, when the Donation sails were fixed to the board they would be correctly aligned.

Since our installation of this impressive board in 2009 to the main corridor of the hospital we have provided new sail shapes with specifically engraved messages for each new donation made.

Thanks to the excellent work of the Rocky Team the board is nearing saturation so we anticipate that a new space and solution for the ongoing commitment of Hospital supporters will be required in the near future.

Alongside our continuing relationship with the Rocky team at QA we have had the pleasure to be involved in numerous other Portsmouth Hospital projects involving Nurse Stations, Receptions, conference and meeting areas, graphics, window treatments, specialist lamps, mobile desks and numerous other design and installation products across the hospital. In each area there has been a need for careful and innovative design and development to provide the ideal solution for each particular need.


Portsmouth, Hampshire


Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust


March 09, 2012

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