Pharmacy Refurbishment [Twyford Pharmacy]

  • Pharmacy refurbishment - Twyford pharmacy
  • Pharmacy refurbishment - Twyford pharmacy
  • Pharmacy refurbishment - Twyford pharmacy
  • Pharmacy refurbishment - Twyford pharmacy

About This Project

Pharmacy refurbishment – Twyford Pharmacy

Ken Rand Partners was approached by Tatfords, the local Pharmacy Wholesaler, for a complete pharmacy refurbishment for the Twyford pharmacy within their medical centre in Winchester. The client wished to extend and alter the existing practice. This new pharmacy refurbishment included installing a highly professional dispensary area and a high spec retail shop with sufficient storage shelves and a new reception desk. Our design team endeavoured to achieve a pharmacy refurbishment design that is clean, modern and welcoming without being clinical. Starting with the reception desk, we created the ideal desk for the pharmacy by using modular reception desk units. The desk consists of 1 curved unit, 3 straight units and a lower counter complying with Disability Discrimination Act, allowing easy wheelchair access. The high units are finished with a glass shelf. The professional design of the dispensary area is organised and ordered to promote ease of use and ensure that its operation is highly efficient. We installed shelves behind the reception counter that provide plenty of storage space for ready prescription drugs. New retail display shelves and units were placed in the front of the store for the display of over-counter drugs and other products sold by the pharmacy. The new dispensary area and front of house shelves fit out incorporated the client’s existing retail shelving. In the back office we installed plenty of storage space for drugs needed to prepare prescriptions, and for equipment needed for the preparation. Part of the pharmacy refurbishment was the installation of work tops where the pharmacists prepare the prescriptions and work on administration tasks. Throughout the pharmacy refurbishment we involved the client in the process and decisions that had to be made. This ensured a well executed project that was delivered on time and stayed within the budget set by the client.


Winchester, Hampshire


April 14, 2007

Medical, Pharmacies, Retail