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Shop layout design – Clayton Fine Jewellery

Claytons Fine Jewellery in Haslemere, Surrey, was a new start up business. Ken Rand Partners was approached by the new store manager, who knew us from a previous project for a store where he had worked in the past and that Ken Rand Partners had made proposals for. The owner contracted us to develop a shop layout design for his new premises. He required high standard display shelves to display the jewellery merchandise, and a desk where the customer and him or another employee can sit down to have a closer look at certain items. In our shop layout design we decided to keep the centre of the store open and place the display shelves against the walls. In front of the large street side window we placed 2 free standing columns of display shelves to create an attractive shop front, inviting new customers in to come and have a closer look at the jewellery. Further in the store we supplied 3 low level lockable cupboards with a small top drawer, and 10 slide glass door display shelves to display the valuable merchandise. The glass door cupboards have LED lighting inside to show the items in the best light and angle possible to optimise sales. We also installed a small desk that functions as retail counter and a consultation desk where the customers can consult an expert and have a closer look at the jewellery of their choice. All of the supplied furniture is manufactured from high quality materials and comes in a light wood coloured finish. This combined with the light carpet flooring gives the shop a pleasant light atmosphere that welcomes the customer in. The high quality storage systems in our shop layout design met all the requirements of our client and he was very satisfied with the results.

Ken Rand partners have been helpful on several projects. You were friendly and seemed to come up with good ideas - reliable as well.

Haslemere, Surrey


October 10, 2006