New Kid on The Block!

12 Dec New Kid on The Block!

How many times have you been caught out by not having your phone charger in the right place at the right time? If only there was a way to charge up my phone, on the go, that didn’t involve putting it in one of the charging lockers that never seem to work…

Tah-dah! Rezence have answered our prayers. By using magnetic resonance, Rezence have created a charging surface which can be used anywhere. Wireless charging is not a new technology, but has never been available for the general public. Think about it. You sit down in your local coffee shop with a latte by your side, and by simply placing your phone, mp3, tablet, onto the designated surface next to you; they receive that extra boost to get your power guzzling devices through the day.

The Rezence service, launched by Alliance 4 Wireless power, can be moved around and charge multiple devices at any one time.

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