Study Zone Refurbishment [St Mary’s C E Primary School]

  • Study Zone Refurbishment
  • Study Zone Refurbishment
  • Study Zone Refurbishment

About This Project

Study Zone refurbishment – St Mary’s C of E Primary School

St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School was looking to refurbish four different areas of the school, and transform them in to study zones for students where they can work one-on-one with the teachers and support staff. They approached Ken Rand Partners for the design and installation of the study zone refurbishment project. From the very start of this study zone refurbishment project, the Ken Rand designers were given wide creative licence to yield the intended outcome. The study areas needed to be big enough for one adult one child to work, but within the space restraint of being located in a corridor. After visiting the space, screens were chosen as an appropriate method to provide sectioned off areas. Having partitioned booths will enable the students to focus on their work without getting distracted by other activity in the corridor. Through the innovative use of shape, the screens were then injected with a burst of childlike energy, to reflect the environment they are encompassed within. The curving shape and the unique contouring tops give the school communal areas a completely new lease of life. On the screens we printed graphics that liven up the screen and encourage the students to be quiet in the study zones. The workstations in the different zones have been modified for the different sizes and ages of children using them. For example the key stage one table heights have been lowered from the key stage two heights, accommodating the smaller children of the early stages. The deep and curved work stations we installed in the study booths provide the perfect learning environment. The Study Zone refurbishment has been gratefully received by the staff, school and parents of St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School and we hope that all the study zones are well used throughout those vital stages of children’s educational development.

We commisioned the Ken Rand team to design our newly built library furniture, and were so impressed with the results that we replaced the classroom furniture throughout the school to match the library. The design team were easy to work with and understood all of our requests and changes, the workmen on site completed the job early and the results were amazing. We have been pleased with all the work and would highly recommend the company to any school or business.

Swanley, Kent


April 29, 2014