Graphic Vinyls G4 Reception [Queen Alexandra Hospital]

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About This Project

Graphic Vinyls G4 Reception – Queen Alexandra Hospital

Being admitted to a hospital is never a nice thing. There is something about hospitals that is impersonal and cold. As part of the Queen Alexandra Hospital Dementia wards refurbishment, the staff aspired to a less clinical environment for the patients admitted to their care. Because of the well established good relationship with the Queen Alexandra Hospital, Ken Rand Partners was contracted to design this new look for the Dementia Wards.Through the use of window graphic vinyls in the same style as the new ‘Memory Lane’ family room, Ken Rand Partners were able to expand the relaxing feeling of this new family room across several wards. We chose to take the nature theme in the ‘Memory Lane’ family room and mobile desks, and use it for the windows in the Dementia Ward. All external windows facing a less desirable cityscape now feature a translucent leaf graphic. The large window graphic vinyls diffuse the glaring light casting a warm radiance into the ward dorms. Because of the translucent vinyl, the natural outside light is still penetrating into the dorms, giving the patients a connection to the outside world while being admitted in the hospital. The interior windows separating the rooms from the corridors follow the nature theme by using transparent leaves as well as being colour matched to the colours of the individual rooms throughout the G4 ward. The graphic vinyls on the interior windows have been individually edited to ensure that the patterns on them do not obstruct the visibility into the rooms. This was achieved by using a soft gradient to blend the leaves from colour to clear across a diagonal towards the warm dorm entrances. Each window graphic vinyl was custom fitted to each window ensuring a perfect fit, providing the quality Ken Rand Partners embody within every project.


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Portsmouth, Hampshire

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