Corridor Refurbishment [St Osmund’s Catholic Primary School]

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About This Project

Corridor Refurbishment – St Osmunds Catholic School

St Osmund’s Roman Catholic Primary School wanted to extend their reception teaching areas into their main corridor, known as the Learning Lane. Ken Rand Partners was approached to design a plan for this corridor refurbishment. Our team of designers worked to develop a scheme for the school which not only stimulated learning and interactive teaching but also integrated teaching areas into the elongated space, successfully allowing for the accessibility required for such a busy corridor.
The learning lane’s scheme uses bright colours which have shaped the area into an incredibly welcoming part of the school. The corridor refurbishment involved replacing the flooring, lighting and the supply and fitting of educational furniture.
In terms of the flooring, red and green bespoke carpet tiles have been designed with printed numbers resembling hopscotch. Also, we placed red semi-circular flooring areas that differentiate the teaching areas from the playtime areas, so that the children know when it´s time to study and when it´s time to play.
Along the corridor’s ceiling, red and white curved acrylic panels have been suspended to create the illusion of a lower ceiling in the room. The acrylic panels have been strategically positioned so that the corridor lighting shines through them, giving the corridor a warm ambiance.
The corridor currently has two teaching areas with green semi-circular school tables and several bright yellow chairs for infants. These school areas are used for independent, group study or one to one lessons.
Furthermore, storage cupboards, shelving for lunch boxes and several coat hook racks have been positioned alongside and, in adjacent areas to the corridor.
The final result of this Learning Lane corridor refurbishment is a stimulating learning environment with educational furniture that gives the children a playful place where they can develop essential skills. Following this school fit out project, we had the opportunity to work on the refurbishment of the school’s library.




August 28, 2011