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About This Project

Mobile desks – Queen Alexandra Hospital

While working with the matrons and doctors at the Queen Alexandra hospital, the staff brought it to our attention how difficult it is to make patient notes while actually with the patient on the daily rounds. Ken Rand Partners used this inconvenience as an opportunity to innovate and come up with a design for a brand new product that fulfils the requirements of doctors and nurses, and is suitable for the hospital environment. The Ken Rand Mobile Desks allow doctors and nurses to move around ward dorms and annotate documentation while at their patient beds, without having to juggle all the patient files, or having to write in awkward positions. This simple product enhances workspace flexibility and is an easy way to increase the number of work stations in the reception areas. These unique mobile desks are currently placed in each ward dorm, across the four wards of the Queen Alexandra hospital where Ken Rand Partners have worked. The desks are not only useful in the wards, but can be used in any dynamic environment that requires a place for doing paperwork.
The Ken Rand mobile desks are constructed from high quality durable laminate and are easy to clean. A fixed shelving space has been located at the back of the desk allowing the user to store any paperwork or put annotations away. The mobile desks have lockable casters in case a fixed positioning is desired.

The mobile desks are not only incredibly functional but visually attractive too, a custom-made graphic has been designed and applied on the front desk panel, matching the nature theme of the wards.

The mobile desks are available exclusively from our online store – CLICK HERE – . If you fancy featuring a graphic on the front of your desk we can design a graphic tailored for you!




January 17, 2014

Bespoke Furniture, Medical