Staffroom Refurbishment [Springfield School]

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  • Staffroom refurbishment
  • Staffroom refurbishment
  • Staffroom Refurbishment

About This Project

Staffroom refurbishment – Springfield School

After working on the science lab project and the reception area project at Springfield School in Portsmouth, Ken Rand Partners was approached for the staffroom refurbishment project at the school. Because of the close proximity to our office and good relation with the head teacher and people in charge, we were able to go on site visits to get a good impression of the spacious room and consult with the staff on the requirements of the new staff room. During the visits the exact measures of the room were taken and initial drawings were created based on those measurements and the conversations we had with the teachers. In our final design, we divided the staffroom in different sections to accommodate the different requirements the staff pointed out they would like to see in the staffroom refurbishment. There is a configuration of soft modular seating consisting of 13 separate units, where the teachers can comfortably enjoy their lunch break, and four standing height tables that are ideal for quickly discussing a topic. For the staff that doesn’t like to bring work home and would like to finish some marking during their break there is a large table that seats up to 10 people, and against the wall opposite the soft seating we installed a bar-height table with high chairs where teachers can use the installed desktops or bring their own laptop. After the final design was approved, the new staffroom furniture was installed without incidents. The client was again very satisfied with our work on the staffroom refurbishment.
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Portsmouth, Hampshire


August 11, 2014

Education, Office