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About This Project

Science Lab Furniture

Following the successful fit out of Springfield School’s reception area, we were commissioned by Portsmouth County Council to build and supply the School’s science lab furniture.  We ensured that the laboratory furniture was built with quality materials and specified grey tones matching the school’s identity. The units were manufactured to have inbuilt Belfast sinks and electricity points. Also, Trespa laminates were used to build the unit worktops for longevity.

In this occasion, the laboratory comprises of 4 hexagonal clusters and one rectangular arrangement, for students to sit around. Each cluster has three electricity and three water points, which supply can be accessed easily from a lockable door located in the unit base.

This interior layout enables group work and also allows the students to share the linking sink unit in between hexagons. At the back of the laboratory, we have located a working area with sinks, lockable cupboards and tray units for maximum storage.

Our aim is to always provide a safe and simulating environment for the students and in this occasion the community was very happy with final result. We worked closely with the council to make the science lab furniture design work with their specified electricity and plumbing points and liaised with the different contractors involved ensuring the project ran smoothly.

Following the science lab refurbishment we worked on the School’s staff room and currently develop the interior office design for their administration offices, due to be fitted out on February 2015 during the half-term.

If you are looking at creating a science lab or undertaking any type of school refurbishment, give us a call on 0239 2452 767. We will be delighted to help you with your project. We have extensive experience in education interior design.

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