Library Refurbishment [St Mary’s C of E Primary School]

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About This Project

School Library refurbishment – St Marys C of E Aided Primary School

St Mary’s C of E Aided Primary school approached Ken Rand for a complete library refurbishment at their school in Swanley. The school library was not much more than a bare room with a few bookshelves, so the design team had a lot of freedom to design a brand new library. We took this as a challenge to design a welcoming and stimulating library for the children of St Mary’s C of E Aided Primary School. We installed twelve high library shelving units with 4 shelves and a top display shelf, 6 lower library shelving units 2 shelves and a top display shelves, and 2 cupboards with lockable hinged doors, all in a woodgrain finish and with aluminium plinths. The open shelving makes it easy for the children to walk around the library and browse for a book, and the lockable cupboards provide the teachers with a place where they can store more valuable items, such as DVDs or other electronic equipment.
To finish off the school’s library refurbishment, we placed a teacher’s station with place for a computer and storage cupboards in the centre of the library. This big table provides a good place where teachers and pupils can sit down and study or talk about a book they are reading. The final result of the library refurbishment is a new library that offers a welcoming, stimulating environment where the children can come and pick up their favourite book from one of the many shelves and find a corner to read. The school was very pleased with the results of our work on the library refurbishment project, and we was approached again when the school was looking to refurbish seven classrooms and the teachers office. We have our enjoyed working on these projects and our collaboration with the staff of St Mary´s C of E Aided Primary School.