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About This Project

Small Reception Area – Alton Dentist

Whilst Ken Rand was fitting the new interior of Alton Pharmacy, Alton Dentist across the road followed the progress of the building process in the pharmacy and approached our company to help develop and install a new reception design for their independent practice. The small reception area of the Alton Dentist office asked for extensive creative thinking from our design team and consulting with the client to come up with an office design that would fit, fulfil the clients requirements, and look professional. One of the client’s requirements for the reception desk and other required furniture was that they would be constructed with dark wood finishes. In order to create a curved reception desk that fits in the small reception area, our office designers decided to use modular reception units. We installed 2 curved units and 1 straight unit of the Edison desk range executed in a Dark Oak melamine finish. The reception desk was installed with a glass top shelf and an over counter pigeon hole unit and a gate and flap allowing access behind the desk. These extras were Dark Oak to match with colours of the rest of the desk. Furthermore, there was a need for sufficient storage space behind the desk. To accommodate this need, Ken Rand Partners supplied a 4 drawer mobile pedestal. Behind the reception is a shallow alcove. We made a bespoke storage system with shelves and hinged doors that fits exactly in this alcove. This bespoke piece of furniture and the mobile pedestal were both constructed with Dark Oak laminate to match the reception desk and the colour scheme of the reception area. The Alton Dentist staff were very pleased with the final results and think it has made a great difference to the practice by providing privacy and looking professional.




May 04, 2012